Pet Professionals

We all have something in common. We love to help pet parents take the best care of their fur babies. This is what we do. 

Day in and day out.  It brings joy into our lives.  I know it does into mine.

Have you seen a resonating trend in people wanting fewer chemicals, fewer artificial ingredients, whether it be food or 

heart worm medication?
I have!

We see some wild stuff every day. We hear some wild stuff every day, don’t we and we sometimes chuckle but it is always with good or better intent for the pet…well almost always.

People ask me all the time -  what I use and what I recommend.  I take great pride in doing research, learning, trying and making recommendations based on my personal experiences. 

A great way to try essential oils is with a wholesale account, especially if you are not sure if you will like using the oils and need to have a more timed transition.  I am here to help discuss what challenges you face in your business today and how essential oils will help your clients feel more relieved and better taken care of.

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Let Me Help You

A few years ago, I left a lucrative six figure marketing and sales executive career to start a grooming business. 

I groom cats and only cats. 

Yes, you can challenge my mental capacity but I have grown this business from nothing, to six figures and I have learned how to overcome some very common obstacles.
Marketing on the internet, streamlining your processes, finding complementary products and services can all boost your revenue.

If you are committed to growing your pet business, helping your clients and are interested in some pretty powerful and naturally alternative solutions that help you boost your revenue, I am here to help.

YES! I WANT MY WHOLESALE ACCOUNT                                                                                                                        YES! I WANT MY FREE GUIDE

Lasting Impressions

Aggression and anxiety in pets can be rather challenging. Making the time spent with the pet a pleasant and positive experience is a must, in order to leave a lasting impression on the animal and the owner alike.

Being that we are in a service industry, there are challenges we face as we look to the future. If you ever wonder how your future will turn out then you want to talk to me.

I have been where you are. I have spent sleepless nights wondering what is next.
Guess what? I can help you because I have done so myself. 

I am building a sustainable income, and I am helping those who are looking for something more. 

YES! I WANT MY OWN WHOLESALE ACCOUNT                                                                                                                  YES! I WANT MY FREE GUIDE