Pet Owners

Want a Healthy Home Safe for Pets & Kids?

As responsible pet parents, we look upon our pets as part of the family, as those who depend on us for all things vital. We take our responsibility to provide the very best for our pets very seriously, whether it be a chew toy or a pet bed. 

We are their voice. 

So why not do the same with household cleaners and commercial products we use in our daily lives? Don't our pets walk on them, licking their paws? Of course they do! So let us be educated about the products that can provide the clean that we need and still be safe for our kids and pets. It is time to return to nature.

Take the next step and learn effective Natural Solutions For Your Home & Pets!

Yes Please!

Why should we use Essential Oils?

Do you worry about using household cleaners with harsh chemicals or toxins? • Does your pet experience occasional digestive discomfort? • Does your pet need a healthy/healthier immune system? • Would you like a natural flea and tick treatment, not a teratogen, something that is dangerous for us? • Does your pet suffer from anxiety, separation or otherwise? 

Then essential oils are a natural alternative that you definitely want to explore.

Keeping Pets Healthy and Happy with Essential Oils

Are Essential Oils Safe? Yes! Yes they are! Essential Oils are safe to use on our pets...if safety and proper usage instructions are followed. With a little research and a little common sense, we can unlock a treasure trove of benefits for our furry family members. 

There is a lot of information on the interweb and it is hard to know what is well researched and what is just a myth. Want to learn more about how to properly use essential oils with your pets? Get with me!

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How Can Essenial Oils Benefit My Pet?

Treat Anxious Feelings - EOs can help calm and relax your pet and put your mind at ease that this holiday will be less challenging. Essentials

Fleas & Ticks - Most flea and tick medications are teratogens. There is a natural way to apply essential oils to the collar to ward off insects. 

Luxurious Coats - Looking for a luxurious coat instead of a dull and drab look or even static coat? Essential Oils (EOs) can help. 

Is your pet aging? EOs are great for managing inflammation & arthritis in dogs. Depending on weight, you may wish to diffuse, apply topically or even give an oral dose.

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Essential Oil Safety for Pets

Never apply oils directly to the eyes of pets • Never apply oils directly to the interior ears of pets • In the event that oils get into eyes, use fractioned coconut oil or olive oil to rinse • DO NOT rinse with water as this will exacerbate the discomfort • Keep all oils tightly covered and out of reach of even the most mischievous pets ever 

These are some basics that we would use with our children. A little common sense goes a long way.


STOP GUESSING! START DILUTING CORRECTLY. Simple cheatsheet, simple volumes and how to. 

Bonus Hot Oils list & how to use them


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