Health & Wellness

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I am a firm believer that

Self Care=Health Care

Our bodies are exposed to so much artificial material that we inhale and ingest.  Nowadays we suffer from ailments most of us cannot pronounce, let alone understand.  It is time to get back to nature.  It is time to eliminate items that can be harmful to us, especially if there is a more natural alternative.

Having worked in Diagnostics for many, many years, I can relate to the lack of work/life balance.  It's hard enough to manage our own health and help others live healthier lives.  We owe it to our loved ones to expose them to beneficial and healthy alternatives.  Essential Oils provide so many benefits, that the potential for health and wellbeing is untapped.  There are many, many publications that show essential oils boost immunity, stimulate the mind, recover achy muscles, regain energy and relax for better sleep and better health overall.  

Don’t we all want that?

Then, let's get started!
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Health is Wealth

After leaving a strenuous sales and marketing position, I decided to start up a new business.  I gained a new appreciation for business owners because we have so much on our plate.  

Stress will do a number on you and your health and taking time for yourself is not an option, it is a necessity.  We have jobs, we have traffic and kids who are enrolled in every after school activity imaginable.  How did our parents do this?
Being diagnosed pre-diabetic and then diabetic, I had to find healthy alternatives that didn’t involve pills, pumps and shots and I did that.

Essential oils opened up doors to health.  My mind healed, my heart healed and my body did as well.  I was able to focus and loose 65 lbs! Boy do I feel great.

See The Difference

Seriously though, see the difference?  I could not believe it myself.  At first, it was just getting used to what I was eating.  So much of our food is baren in nutritional content.  Learning that was step one.  Step two was committing to my meal plan.  I mean COMMITTING! I had to get serious.  It's no longer a diet.  Get that out of your mind.  It is a lifestyle.  What you eat, how much you eat and how much you exercise is a lifestyle.  You are never going to stop doing that...EVER, so it's not a diet.  What it a NEW BEGINNING, a new you.  Step 3, I had to detox.  I had to get my gut health back.  For the first few weeks, I felt terrible but it got better and better and slowly, I got healthy naturally.  Step 4 was adding exercise, slowly and over time.  Step 5, learn to sleep.  No more meds, no more shots, no more, just my oils, good food, exercise and SLEEP!

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Make Time to Make a Change

Get committed to yourself and your greatness.
It is all about you!
If you are looking,
if you are ready and if you are committed,
I can help you.
It’s all or nothing, are you with me?

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