OK I love to shop sa much as every other gal, especially when it is for lovely kitties and puppies!

You all know that I am very health conscious and the products I have learned to select I have tried, used and continue to use to this day.

Take a look at these goodies and why I like them and maybe they will help you as well.

One of the very first things I recommend for every oiler, new or veteran is to get yourself an good assortment of glass bottles for spraying, rolling, dipping, dripping and whatever else you would like.  


Well plastic bottles, depending on composition, may leach into the oil.  Also the oil may degrade the plastic leading to unexpected spills and noone likes that!
So here is an affiliate link to one of my favorite stores!

Not only are there bottle and containers, but there are books that can help you learn what you want to use your oils for.  You can get them in just about any color and size.  I absolutely love this store.

Now, I love Amazon for so many different reasons.  
Shipping is fast and the selection is wide!

I also love Coat Care 
If your pet's coat is healthy and clean, you'll have a happy pet.

Some of the things that I find really useful are as follows:

1. Colloidal Silver.  First and foremost this product is an awesome disinfectant for skin and second, it is perfectly safe for us and our pets.  
I use colloidal silver to clean scratches and wounds.  I also use it to dilute certain oils that I know I want to use on my pet's coat such as petitgrain for dandruff or lavender for an ear tip.  
Buy It Here: Colloidal Silver

2. Eye cleaner.  I don't like to use soap on the eyes because even if it is marketed as 'tear free' it really means reduced irritation.  Also, I do not like to use witch hazel because it may contain a small amount of alcohol which is an irritant.  So, I use Sensitive Eyes Saline.  I wash my cats faces and I clear boogies out of my Cane Corso's eyes as well.  It works great, it is safe and affordable.

3.  As a CFMG, Certified Feline Master Groomer, I groom cats daily.  Yes Cats.  Want to check out my website?  Click Here

As a pet professional, I like to use combs only, not brushes on my long haired cats.  
The brush I prefer the most is the cat comb.  
If you have ever seen my videos or my photos, those lovely groomed cats were only exposed to the cat comb.
Yes it is pricey. 
Buy It Here: Cat Comb

If you prefer the safari comb, it is a little less expensive and it works.  Buy it here: Safari Comb

As a professional, I only use the cat comb.

4. For doggos with long hair like my English Shepherds I liked to use the butter comb.  It got through their hairs well, prevented matting.
Buy It Here: Butter Comb

5. For my Cane Corso, an Italian Mastiff, I use only the soft boars brush.  It helps remove shedding hair and it also helps me keep her coat smooth.  Now with short haired cats like the Bengals who have a very soft silky coat, I highly recommend this brush during the blowout and after, especially if you are showing.

Buy It Here: Boar Brush

6. For my long haired cats and doggos, I use a dryer.  Some of the requirements I have as a professional groomer is that the dryer be 'variable speed' so I can control how fast the air flows.  If I'm grooming a fraidy cat, I don't want to exacerbate the anxiety by using a very strong dryer.  Also, I need a dryer without a heating element.  Unlike my personal people dryer, I need there to be no heat produced by a heating element.  Our pet's skin is much thinner and therefore more sensitive than ours.  

My go to dryer is the Kool Pup!

That's my girl and I keep her coat clean with weekly baths.  I use the boars brush daily on her and she seems to like it!

If you have questions regarding any other product that I use daily, just drop me an email or pm me and I will be happy to share with you my professional tips and tricks!

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