How To Manage Separation Anxiety


Sometimes our brand new little pets exhibit Separation Anxiety.  They have no past abuses to speak of and we wonder why that is. 

Just remember that their days used to be filled with brothers and sisters play and snuggle time.  A warm scent of mom and a wet nurse available at all times. 
Now, in their new home, they are alone.  
When the door shuts, their entire life walks for the duration of an entire day!
Sadness and boredom can really do a number on a wee little one who is used to being with someone at all times. 

Remember, pets don't need a past experience to suffer from loneliness.

Separation Anxiety can also stem from fear of abandonment, fear of scarcity and a lack of understanding of previous circumstances. We see this more with rescues who have had a darker past and in both cases, we have to help our pets move past those feelings. 

Believe me when I tell you our pets remember and associate behaviors with the resulting outcome.  

My Cane Corso Italiano was a forced surrender and she definitely has abandonment issues.
Fitbit, my Siberian, was purchased and then returned to me and she totally gets stressed out when we get in the car.  She holds on to me for dear life: those claws have left marks!
I highly recommend a regular regime of the exercises to be performed.  This helps wear out the mind and solidify a routine that can be relied upon, especially that there is a return at the end of the day.  Acknowledge the feelings and your own guilt at leaving for the day and come up with a routine and reward system.

My favorites...
  1. Potty breaks with doggo
  2. Food and treats with both cats and dog
  3. Quick play time with both cats and dog
  4. Rewards for going in the kennel and staying in the cat tree
  5. Reassurance.   They really do understand you.
  6. Reward & reassurance on return!
While I am away, I do diffuse oils for my pets.
Top 5 oils I like to use for Fear of Separation are:
  1. Console blend helps with feelings of loss, grief and sadness. It does contain labdanum so this oil blend I use when I know my pup gets mobile in her crate and I need her to be calm and quiet so she doesn’t hurt herself.
  2. Rose helps with feelings of being unloved. This oil is the queen of oil and I love it soo soo much.  A Rose Touch is a must for your pets.  I use this oil to do an ear tip on all of my pets before leaving for work.   Since I use Rose Touch as a personal perfume, ear tipping my pets leaves them with a lingering and familiar smell of me, which…helps battle separation anxiety!
  3. Ylang Ylang helps with feelings of sadness, heart ache and burden.  This oil can help reduce anxiety and frustration.
  4. Hope addresses feelings of despair.  Great oil to ear tip with or even to roll on the pet’s collar.
  5. Siberian Fir addresses feelings of regret.   This oil is the bomb.  I mean it is powerful.  It’s my ‘emergency’ oil for feelings of anxiety, depression and fatigue.   

How I use these oils.   
When leaving for work, I will diffuse either Ylang Ylang and Siberian Fir or Ylang Ylang, Siberian Fir and Console together.  Only 1 drop of Console blend.  It is strong.   I make the decision based on what type of a morning we have.  As all beings, we are allowed to have an off day.  I also ear tip Rose Touch or Hope, depending on what oil my pets gravitate towards on that particular day.
When crate training Hela, she would occasionally have unexplained moments of whimpering, hiding in the corner, lots of pee.  Even a drop of console in the diffuser helped her relax.  
During training with me, if she was less responsive to my need for quiet, I would ear tip Hope and Rose.

What Separation Anxiety symptoms does your pet exhibit?


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