Reducing Toxic Load

Reducing Toxic Load

I love this topic.

Look up the definition of toxic load, don’t take my word for it. It is the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the body. These toxins come from food, water and personal care products.

Have you heard me say that air is a chemical and water is a chemical and guess what? We can’t live without either. There are plenty of good and necessary chemicals out there.

Filling the laundry up with smells and beads that makes everyone dance and smell more????
Nah, not for me and not for my pets.

Whenever I walk down the laundry/cleaner isle at the grocery store, I come out with a headache! It’s so stinky.

Did you know that manufactured fragrances can disrupt the endocrine system, which regulates metabolism and hormones?
Ahem! Yes, they can. Pets are far more sensitive than we are.

Canine and feline skin is much thinner than hoomin skin and that makes absorption of all of those manufactured fragrances, cleaners and disinfectants that much quicker in our pets.

Whatever cleaning products are on our fabrics, whatever scented cleaning products are in the laundry, may cause, at some point, sensitivities.

Point and case, over the years, I have developed many sensitivities and can’t use the detergents at the grocery store, even the fragrance free ones.

I love for my home, my carpets and couch to smell great. I love to wear clean clothes too.

Clean is different from fragranced.

I don’t burn fragranced candles.
I don’t add fragranced beads to my laundry.
I don’t use fabric softners. In fact, many of my clothes specify that softners can damage the fabric. If they damage the fabric, what will they do to my skin? My pet’s skin?

I don’t use dryer sheets either! I use wool balls and essential oils.

One of my cats, Fitbit, has sensitivities to food and I can see it with the excessive licking.
I thought that she might have sensitivities to cleaners as well, so I went through my entire cleaning cabinet and I have discarded the ammonia based window cleaner and the shower cleaner that makes me choke when I spray it.

I replaced my laundry detergent and I have eliminated dryer sheets. I use baking soda on the carpets (add oils) and my floor wash is also On Guard. Toilet and bathroom cleaner is also On Guard. My dishwasher soap, I make from scratch as well.

Now Fitbit lounges around and walks without shaking her paws with every step.
Fitbit, used to press her nose and paws against the windows I cleaned with streak free, ammonia based cleaner. Now, she does it still, and I use the On Guard concentrated cleaner. Not only do I feel better, but she doesn’t shake her paws or have excessive licking.

1. Fewer cleaning products
2. Less expensive (sometimes that matters)
3. Best part, SAFE for kids, pets and us! #safeforkids #safeforpets #safeforkidsandpets

Click to a link to reducing the toxic load of your cleaning cabinet.

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Don’t forget to reduce the toxic load for your own personal skin products as well. Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste! These are all personal care items that contain way too many colorants and flavorings. PM/DM for more details!

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