Addressing FEAR In Our Pets

Our pets can experience anxiety

These anxious feelings can be associated can be associated with:
1. Fear
2. Separation
3. Aging
4. Diet/Nutrition
4. Boredom

INMPO, it is really important to understand the root cause of anxious feelings so we can end the cycle, create a healthier environment for our pets and sometimes the tools that we use, will depend on understanding the Why or the How.

First things first, I like to balance the energy in my home. I do this with essential oils.

Pets do feel fear and they do express it, we just have to understand their body language. Are the ears or whiskers pulled back?

Frightened cats may hide. They also tend to roll into a ball or try to seem very little and even pull the ears back and hiss. Sometimes, they freeze, hoping noone will see them.
Frightened dogs may tuck their tail, lick excessively and cower, whimpering.

I like to use more natural alternatives to medications such as Prozac.

Top 5 oils I like to use to address FEAR are:
1.Brave from the children’s line. I like to ear tip the cat or if they wear a collar, roll on the collar so that the aroma will slowly diffuse in their personal space.
2. Juniper Berry helps reduce feelings of terror
3. Geranium helps with feelings of mending and repair, as well as trust.  This is a terrific oil to use when bringing an animal into a new space.
4. Lavender is known to be soothing, relaxing and antispasmodic. Almost a sedative quality but not as strong as vetiver in that sense.
5. Wild Orange has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms better than Prozac!

How did these oils work for me?

Great question.

I groom cats and one of my clients had adopted a feral cat who was terrified of being touched and held. They visited a behaviorist for about a year but their cat became heavily matted. As committed as the owners were, they scheduled the cat for a lion cut.

I diffused all 4 of those oils and wore Brave on my wrists. He purred, he let me shave him. He even let his owners pick him up and hold on to him. I seriously cried tears of joy! And that is just one example of how helpful these oils are.

My personal recipe is below:

In a 50ml diffuser:
4 drops of Juniper Berry
4 drops of Geranium
4 drops of Lavender
4 drops of Wild Orange

Don't forget to ear tip with Brave or roll onto a collar for a personal diffusing experience!

Hope that helps.


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