Chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals

Chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals!

I had recently seen an article posted regarding pets up taking/absorbing cleaning chemicals and having reaction to them.  Specifically, the active ingredient is BAC or Benzalkonium Chloride.  

I certainly had a reaction to it.   In fact, I immediately looked up BAC because I vaguely remembered another chemical called triclosan.
First and foremost, I would like to remind everyone that even AIR and WATER are chemicals!  
Don’t take my word for it, research it!
That means there are chemicals we cannot live without and then there are chemicals we should look to avoid using in our home.  
Did you know that BAC was used to replace a chemical compound called Triclosan?  It too had serious side effects for humans and now BAC has been shown to have adverse effects in humans and in mice. 
From my days of working in a laboratory, I became used to reading MSDS information or Materials Safety Data Sheet.  Every chemical had one and BAC is no exception.   

***Please note that under normal circumstances it is a stable chemical compound but when it comes in contact with eyes or mucous membranes, it can be corrosive or dangerous.  
Here’s a link to the MSDS, but in the future, I encourage to google MSDS followed by the chemical name:
So…we use this chemical to clean the floors or tables and our cats or dogs or kids walk on or lay on the surface and then lick themselves or put their paws in their mouths, thus ingesting the chemical in question.
Does this mean you should throw out everything in your home????
The reasonable answer is NO!
No, you don’t.  What we all have to try to do have to keep in mind is that everything that we use in our homes can and will affect us, our kids and our pets.   It is impossible to get rid of chemicals, especially since we have to eat and drink and breathe!
What I do encourage everyone to do is read your labels!
Put your pets away while cleaning areas if you must and watch for signs of discomfort or distress if you didn’t.  Do they have itchy paws?
Also, I encourage folks to look for ways to reduce toxic load in their homes.  Reduce burning of candles.  Reduce the use of laundry freshening scent crystals.  Reduce the use of air freshening sprays.  All of those fragrances are known to disrupt the endocrine system.

I am always happy to share the deets and what products I use in my home!  Just email me.


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