Cat Nipples Pimples and Pimple Nipples

Healthy CAT Nipples!
Girl pets have nipples.. that is a given.
When I used to breed Siberian Forest Cats, people would call me constantly asking about the pimples on their boy's bellies!
Yes, boy cats have nipples.
In fact, cats are supposed to have 8 nipples.  Some are gifted with more but generally speaking, 8 evenly spaced pimples, 4 on each side, used to feed off-spring.
If you are raising an eyebrow, think about it, human males have 2 nipples like human females.  They don’t have mammary glands like women, however, nipples are there.
It is really important to keep kitty nipples healthy.
The color of the pimple nipple should be same as the skin color on the belly.  Some darker colorations of cat, such as black, may have dark grey to black belly skin and the nipple is to match that.  
Some nipples on lighter cats are either white or a very light pink.
Can nipples be unhealthy?
Yes!  Totally.
How do I know if my cat’s nipples are healthy?
Look at them.  It’s more time consuming to do so on a long haired cat, however, just looking at the nipple will tell you how clean and healthy they are.
Cats who have not be bathed can develop an off white/yellowish buildup on the nipple.  This waxy oil is secreted by the sebaceous glands and just builds up around the nipple.  
Sometimes, there is buildup under the skin and it can be challenging to feel and see if you are not familiar with it.
The easiest way to remove this oily build up is to bathe in warm water, scrub gently and most times this oily buildup washes away.
Some of the more stubborn oil may resemble a plug and have a weird odor to it, but you do have to get super close to it to smell.  Your cat may not appreciate it so don't sniff your cat's nipples!

In this case, gentle massage and an upward motion will help pull the waxy deposit off and it really looks like the inside of a pimple with a healthy pink nipple underneath. I always recommend washing again.
Every once in a while, a nipple may have some buildup on the inside.  With warm water and gentle massage, it will come out.  It’s very similar to a pimple.
I highly recommend getting your cat groomed every 6-8 weeks with a professional groomer.  That way, the health of the nipple can be assessed.   Any oil deposits should be removed and any nipple pimple or pimple nipple can be cleaned.
Generally, when I do this, cats know and they stay super still!
Call a groomer, a CFMG, a Certified Feline Master Groomer.   It really is a thing.  We know to look at nipples and to clean them.
Bathing and drying will help the skin get the right circulation and keep the nipples clean and healthy.

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