Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

First and foremost, I am a pet parent, or a pet owner if you prefer.  

That means I like to do research and find out as much as I can about products I use around or on my pets.  I serve as the voice of my pets and it is my responsibility to do due diligence.  I am sure you can agree.

Second, I am a pet professional. 

That means, I am not only an expert in my profession, but many come to me for advise on products used and what is best in different situations.

So what about Essential Oils? 

There is some debate on the interweb.  No not safe, yes safe.  There are debates, there are angry and passionate discussions so what really is true?   I mean as a pet professional, if I haven’t tried a product, I would be remiss to recommend it, right? But as a pet parent, it is my responsibility to ask questions.  And ask I will.

So before making any decisions, let’s ask some questions and find people who have the answers and who are the foremost or shall I say key opinion leaders in the field. 

One person I like to follow is Dr. Janet Roark DVM.   

This is the Essential Oil Vet and she is pretty ah-ma-zing!  I love her and her expertise.  She has published a terrific article on busting the myths of essential use in pets and cats in particular.
She does this in an article published in the Living Magazine 2019 and here is the link so you can take a look on pages 10-11.…/0725823001543510913

Essential oils are chemical compounds derived from plants.  Many of these plants have medicinal uses and have been harvested by big pharma for big profit.  The mindset behind using essential oils is that rather than paying big bucks to big pharma, we are purchasing concentrated compounds for daily use. 

We just have to be educated about how to use these products. The medicinal properties are present in the essential oils. 

Part of knowing how to use the oils is understanding what issues you are targeting with your pet and how to best approach those issues when we consider the use of oils.

So, yes, essential oils are safe to use on pets IF...
1. We are using CPTG oils. They have to be of the purest grade
2. We are using the correct oils to target symptoms
3. We are using the correct dilutions for the size and type of animal

Yes, I have been using essential oils for several years now with my personal cats and dogs and I have been using essential oils as a groomer to help calm cats on board of my grooming rig.  There are many different ways to use essential oils and that is a topic for another day.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

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