Engagement Wishes

Whether expected or not, the engagement of your child stirs emotions up.  There is joy and comfort knowing she wont be a spinster...laugh out loud!  In millenial speak, that is a crazy cat lady.
I have always felt very fortunate that my children were good souls and mature beyond their years. Even though they never needed my approval to do anything, my heart rests well knowing that the partner she picked matches her in every way.
Honesty is said to be the first chapter in the book of wisdom. It is simple and clear. Say what you mean and mean what you say is the best way to begin.

Be fair to each other in love and war.
Build your relationship on respectfulness for each other and loyalty beyond compare.
You dont need to be perfect just perfectly genuine.
I love you both and that you have chosen each other to begin the next phase of your life.  

Love mom

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