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I'm AJ

I am AJ and I will be your guide through the journey of creating a better life through better health.

I am a mom of 2 girls, grown and know it all, wiser than I ever was and the loves of my life. I am a wife to a saint of a husband who puts up with all of my crazy.

I have had dogs and my guys have gotten old so I savor my remaining minutes with my last English Shepherd and I have lots of cats. So I love furry of all kinds.

My background is in the sciences so I am a GEEK and love all things science and sci-fi.
I am an entrepreneur and and successful go-getter!

Nice to meet you..

I Love My Oils!

One thing you must know about me is that I LOVE my oils! ...and the color PURPLE.

I have been so blessed to have essential oils to help me manage not only weight, but also my anxiety and moods.  

I am an oils junkie and I use them for everything. My medicine cabinet is full of oils and I am all about helping others to improve their lives and the lives of their families and pets through the use of oils.