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I love a good blog.  
I love reading & I love learning, so check out the doTERRA science blog.

The amount of fascinating information is just unbelievable.

Learn about CBD pathways of various oils that are well not extracted from plants that are smoked! Yah, that's right! We don't need to be 'Breaking Bad' with Mr. White and Pinkman lol!!!  Did you know that Copaiba is legal in ALL 50 states?  Say whaaaaaaa?  Yeah, get with me if you want to learn more.

Learn about the tips and tricks I use daily.  My fav hacks y'all!  What is important to me as I run my family, and my multiple businesses as a pet professional.

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Understanding Anal Glands In Cats

Understanding Anal Glands in Cats Did you know that anal glands are located on either side of the anus? When cats defecate, a very strong, foul smelling substance is sec...

Food Protein Energies!

Food Protein Energies Many, many, many pets today are on limited ingredient diets. The ingredients being limited are protein sources, also known as single source protein di...

Managing Fleas & Ticks

Managing Fleas & Ticks It’s that season again! The weather is getting warmer. Bugs and creepy crawlers are out and about. With this lovely Shelter In Place order, som...