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A few years ago I was at the height of my Diagnostic Sales & Marketing career.  To make a long story short, I successfully left Diagnostics and started a Feline Exclusive Mobile Grooming Salon and made it work in just 6 months.

I was a workaholic and my health suffered.  I had crazy long hours, starting super early and working until past dark.  There is a reality that only service based small business owners understand, I believe.

My struggle with weight and diabetes forced me to look for more natural alternatives and I found them in oils.  In my work as a groomer, I found that essential oils helped with pets, keeping them more relaxed and at ease.

I studied and continue to study the oils and the neurological pathways they affect.  I have seen how the moods have improved.   There are lots of publications that support that  prolonged use of these products will promote your overall health.   I started on the vitamin pack and found energy that I didn’t have before.  Exercising as well, helped, so I was no longer panting tying my shoe laces.  It made me want to do more and I did more.

People noticed.  They ask if I have lost weight and I have, 65lbs of weight! It’s hard to miss such a change.

I have found my pets are calmer.  I have found my clients cats are calmer and they too are grateful for the new journeys they are undertaking.

I have found the ability to positively impact health and wellness for both people and pets and it fulfills me.

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